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International School and Online Teaching Jobs

Worldwide Teacher Recruitment LLC (WTR) is an American company managed by experienced educators, all of whom have extensive experience as teachers, trainers, and principals and who hold US Professional Administrator Certificates. Our staff is professional, courteous and multilingual, and we have a presence in China, Vietnam and Egypt.  Recruitment, Placement and School Relations Specialists are on hand to speak with you in English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Arabic. 

All WTR Candidates undergo a thorough vetting before they are recommended to any potential employer.  Some examples of this vetting include asking for copies of university degrees, passport and CVs, obtaining references and conducting 1-to-1 interviews.  Based on specific job situations, we will conduct follow-up interviews if necessary, before referring candidates to a potential employer.  We strive to make connections that are a good fit for all involved parties.

Our rates are extremely competitive and for new schools we offer up to a 50% discount – not just for the first hired candidate, but for the whole year.  This not only makes us one of the most professional and accommodating recruitment agencies, but one of the most cost-effective for your school.