Why Us? – Online Teaching

International School and Online Teaching Jobs

  1. CV pointers and suggested corrections (free-a complete, in-depth review and edit is available for a nominal fee).
  2. Translation of brief personal biographies into Chinese.
  3. Quick replies to correspondence.
  4. A secure database with access restricted to only management and your personal senior recruiter, which is editable or deleted at any time upon request.
  5. For US citizens, the option to get paid by us by one online teaching company (Micro Language), where official W2’s are provided and taxes are deducted.  This allows for possible end of year tax refunds, and the ability to claim income for uses such as when applying for credit. 
  6. Working for an established, legal US company, owned and managed by American certified principals.  
  7. An organization that knows certain criteria and conditions for military and spouses of military and government workers, enabling them to work online for a US company.
  8. Follow-up with companies to work with any issue, and to request second chance interviews.
  9. Group or individual classes.
  10. The opportunity to work with rural, low income children.