Working in International Schools

International School and Online Teaching Jobs

Teachers Must Meet the Following Mandatory Requirements
  1. Highly qualified (Possess a valid western teaching certificate)
  2. Clear criminal history (Schools might later ask for a criminal records check)
  3. Bachelors degree, Masters preferred.
  4. Letter of reference showing good standing at previous employer (Or a good explanation…we know that every position is not amazing)
Additional Preferred Items
  1. Three years of previous teaching experience
  2. Proven adaptiveness in unexpected situations
Other Considerations
  1. Some employers support and encourage married couples or teachers with families.  Others prefer single educators.  While this would not be acceptable inside the United States, other countries follow different rules and standards.
  2. Ethnicity, Religion, and Gender – (This is sometimes a touchy area.  For the most part there is not a problem, but we will be sure to recommend if we feel there might be a problem.  We want everyone to feel successful and safe.)  For example, in some countries, schools are segregated and a position might only be open to a specific criteria.