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Worldwide Teacher Recruitment, LLC (WTR) is delighted to have formed a partnership with Beijing Learning Tone Education Technology Co., Ltd to supply and manage teachers for their Micro Language Program.  Micro Language is unique compared to other online teaching companies in that they contract directly with Chinese education ministries and individual schools, and as such, can provide teachers with a consistent class schedule not available with other companies.  Micro Language provides the curriculum material to the teacher and they will teach with a Chinese partner teacher located in the physical classroom.

Requirements for Micro Language Teachers.

  • Outgoing, enthusiastic with interactive abilities; prepare for a demo interview; able to design an interactive part by using the PPTs provided for the demo interview.
  • Teaching Certificate or a TEFL/ TESOL/CELTA should be provided when you receive an offer.  If you do not have such certificate, you should be able to provide the certificate during the 3 month probation period. You can either attend our TEFL 140 hours course at the rate of $230 or choose from other course providers. The course fee for our course can be deducted from your salary.
  • Due to payroll requirements, teachers must be legal residents of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or the E.U.  Due to Internet requirements, residents of South Africa may only work in-country if they are in a high-speed Internet center.  Any other South African citizens may apply for these positions if they are legal residents in one of the aforementioned countries.  

Further requirements for teachers having Group classes:

  • Excellent interactive ability with a group of students.
  • Teaching certificate is required and to be provided with the signed employment agreement.
  • At least 1 year teaching experience.
  • Able to teach at least 2 half days per week from 8:00AM-12:00PM or 14:00PM-18:00PM Beijing time.
  • Promptly attend trainings with a positive attitude.

Extra requirements for 1-to-1/1-to-3 class teachers:

  • Be positive and willing to be group class teacher. 
  • Able to open slots during weekend from 8:00-22:00 (8:00 AM -10:00 PM) Beijing time.
  • Promptly attend trainings with a positive attitude.


We offer a starting salary of $18 per hour for our main classes.  Additional tutoring $15 per hour.  For US citizens, we are able to offer W2s.  This means that we will be legally withholding taxes for US Citizens who work in the Micro Language Program and paying social security benefits as well.  There are bonuses, future raises, and other incentives available from Micro Language as well.

WTR will issue salary via Bank Transfer once per month.  PayPal will be used for employees who are not US residents.    

Want to apply or learn more?  Email WTR Today

Application Process

  1. Submit CV (Resumé), Introduction Video (Sample), and Teaching Credential (Teaching License, TEFL, TESOL) to WTR via our application system.  
  2. As soon as your candidacy is approved, WTR will provide you with a booking code.  You will (register for a practice demo time), (download the software) (Demo Rubric) (Lesson Plans) , and prepare your lesson as best possible.
    1. Lessons and Plans
      1. Lesson for Kindergarten
      2. Lesson for Elementary (Primary)
      3. Lesson for Middle School (Junior)
    2. Software and User Guide
    3. Training Videos
      1. How To Use Cloud Classroom (Official)
      2. How to Use Cloud Classroom (WTR)
      3. Sample Demo Lesson
      4. Tips on a Successful Demo (WTR)
  3. We will suggest you schedule an official demo with Micro Language in China.  
  4. After you pass your demo, you can submit the required contract and payroll documents.  (4th Tab) Micro Language will take over with paid training followed by another paid demo at the conclusion of training.  

*******APPLY NOW*******

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, Email Rana at WTR and include Micro Language in your email subject.

DO NOT reserve a demo below unless you have been told to by staff from WTR.  You should have reserved a practice demo on the previous tab.  

  1. Reserve a demo class time at one of the following links.
    1. Mariana Raini
    2. Dejan Kovecs

    3. Sladja Mattic
    4. Anna Plonka

After reserving your demo, please send a screenshot of your demo booking to WTR.  

We are excited that you have passed your Demo Lesson – Before signing on as a teacher with Micro Language, please read the following documents and then submit the PDF application and tax forms.  All form links are below.

New Teacher Reminders

Work Standards

Prohibited Behavior

Non Solicitation Policy

Release Policy

Here are the 2 documents you need to submit to begin your employment

  1. Consent to Policies Above – For ALL Micro Language Teachers
  2. Contract – For ALL Micro Language Teachers
  3. Copy of your teaching qualification (TEFL, Teaching License or other)
  4. Copy of your Identity Document (Passport or ID – Unless Submitted with I9)

For our US Resident Teachers (the following documents are to verify legal residence, arrange direct deposit, and provide tax deduction information).  

1.  W4 (From IRS)

2.  I9 (Homeland Security)

3.  Direct Deposit Authorization

Thank you for completing the process to apply and register with Micro Language.  From this point forwards, our colleagues in China will be with you every step of the way through the training and employment process.